ICP2 the USB PIC programmer

Once we wrote and compiled the program, it is time to transfer the .hex file to the PIC microcontroller. Programming microcontroller is easily done with a PIC programmer.

A PIC programmer is a unit which interfaces the PC to the PIC microcontroller using the PC's serial, parallel or USB port. It writes data to the microcontroller and reads it back for verification.

USB In-Circuit Programmer (ICP2)
Figure: USB In-Circuit Programmer (ICP2)

With this ICP2 PIC programmer, instead of transferring your microcontroller chip from the programmer to the development board (the old way) after you programmed it, you leave it in the board.

The ICP2 PIC programmer will allow the user to program Microchip PICmicro® microcontroller (MCU) devices when the devices are already installed in the development board. User can reprogram the device while it is in the circuit.

Typical In-Circuit Programming connection:

ICP2 Programmer Connector
Figure: ICP2 connection

PIC USB Programmer - In-Circuit Programmer (ICP2)

The ICP2 Production Quality In-Circuit Programmer is cost-effective programmer for mid-volume production, service and development. The ICP2 PIC Programmer is a development tool, with an easy to use interface for programming Microchip’s families of microcontrollers. The full featured Windows® programming interface supports baseline, midrange families of 8-bit, 16-bit, and dsPIC® DSCs (optional) microcontrollers, and many Microchip Serial EEPROM products.
CLICK HERE for a full list of supported MCUs. (47 kb - .pdf)

The ICP2 features over current protection circuits, which prevent both programmed devices and the programmer from being damaged. Once all necessary parameters are set-up, you can quickly and securely duplicate devices in production one-touch programming mode. Built-in bootloader allows convenient field firmware upgrade via software.
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ICP2 connectors:

  • “Power” Connector (Power Jack, Center Pin 2.1mm)
  • “USB” Connector (Type-B Female)
  • “RS-232 IN” Connector (D-type 9 Female)
  • “TARGET” Connector (D-type 15 Female)the size and background colors/images of the major sections of this Web page (ex., its header, columns, and footer)

In-Circuit PIC programmer connectors
Figure: ICP2 USB, power, and RS-232 connectors

In-Circuit PIC programmer connectors
Figure: ICP2 "target" connector

Benefits summary of the ICP2:

  • built-in bootloader
  • a cost-effective programmer for mid-volume production, service and development
  • over current protection circuits
  • Windows® DLL/Command Line functions
  • one-touch programming mode
  • convenient field firmware upgrade via software

ICP Family
Figure: In-Circuit Programmers Family

What is in the package?

ICP2 kit
Figure: In-Circuit Programmer kit

Complete package comes with:

  • PIC programmer – ICP2
  • Universal power supply adapter:
  • The latest software CD
  • USB cable
  • Sub-D 15-pin mating connector
  • USB installation manual